Friday, 18 March 2011

My Final Pieces

 Music Magazine Developed

 Here is the final design for my front cover, as you can see I have not made big changes that may be noticeable. I started off by changing the text font to create a neater look; I also changed the positioning of the web address to allow the front cover to look more symmetrical. These changes helped a lot in finalizing this final design, i am am very happy with this front cover. 

Here is my final design for my contents page, as you can see I have completely re designed this page. Firstly instead of the main title being 'CONTENTS' I changed it to the magazine name and 'This Week' I thought this kept a consistent style. I enlarged the editor's letter as I thought this was important as this is where the audience can feel connected to the magazine. I added more page numbers so that my contents page looked fuller and packed out. I added images to allow the audience to be more interested in this page. I enlarged the social media website icons as these are important for the audience and magazine.

I have also made a few changes to my double page spread; I completely scrapped the idea of a quoted heading and instead had a simple but catchy heading that stands out. I added more text at the end of the interview on information about the artist and Albums that are next out, I then added a small image of the album just for visual reference.

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