Friday, 11 March 2011

Music Magazine Designs

Here is my first design front cover design. I really like how this has turned out, it is eye-catching and colourful. I really like how the main image immediately grabs my attention. I also think each cover-line stands out and is clear to read. I think the puff does a good job of allowing the text to stand out, the magazine name works well, the font is different therefore more interesting.

This is my first contents page design. Again i feel that this contents page stands out and is eye-catching. I like how the title 'CONTENTS' stands out and how each letter is laid out, although I think I need to change this around as it isn’t immediately obvious what it says. The layout of the page numbers and headings are clear and easy to follow. I have kept with a constant house style to allow a sense of consistency. I decided to have Micha as the main image of the contents page as this is a conventional theme that magazines would normally do for their contents page, as their main article is an exclusive interview with this artist, also to constantly remind the audience of this. I like how there is a clear separation between FEATURES and MONTHLY articles. Overall i like this contents page, but I will make improvements like filling up the empty spaces of white with more images and relevant text. I will change the main title for this page; I will change the layout of it so that it is clearer.

This is a first design for my double page spread. Firstly I think the layout of the entire page is interesting and clear. I like the layout of the images, and they create a sense of a story being told. This page has a limited colour pallet but I did this deliberately as i thought this would make my double page spread to look more professional, as well as I wanted the main focus to be on the article and images not the colours used. when i develop this I will change the layout of the main headline and perhaps shorten it, it is too big for the page and takes up too much room.

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