Thursday, 4 November 2010

LIIAR of the brief L- My front cover must inclue a masthead, It is important to have a large noticable masthead to allow it to stand out. Different colours and fonts can be used to reflect the genre of the music magazine.

Text image - the image can be a range of camera shots, this really depends on what im wanting to depict, If this was an image of a singer then it would make sense to have a medium close up as it is only one person and it will fill up the large space of the front cover. If i were photographing a band I would take a long shot camera shot, as there is around 4 members in a band this is alot of people to photograph.

Colour is a an important element of a magazine, If i were to create text that was bold fonts, muted colours this would be perfect for rock/heavy metal magazines. If I were to used Vibrant rounded fonts this could work well with younger music, and pop.

Synergy - Magazines usually feature celebrities that are well known this helps how popular the magazine is, Synergy is a term used to describe that the celebrity promotes the magazine and the magazine promotes the celebrity. The magazine will promote their now album, film or tour.
I- I will be creating a brand new magazine for people interested in pop music, I will using Bauer Media to publish my magazine, I want my magazine to be monthly glossy.
I- I would like my magazine to connotate a positive message, i will exclude social groups. I want my magazine to advertise music that is most popular and enjoyable to my target audience. My magzine will be aspirational for people dedicated to music.
- My target audience will be people who are intersted in music my preferred age will be between the ages of 18-28, but I will finalise this after researching.
R- It is always important to convey a possitive representation, 

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