Saturday, 4 December 2010

As my target audience is of a younger age this will have a large influence on the price of my magazine. As my magazine is monthly I think the price of £3.00 is a good price. The target audience may not have alot of money so by having a monthly magazine at £3.00 allows them to afford the magazine. As my magazine will be monthly this will allow my magazine to be up to date with exclusive news, and to have more pages than an average weekly magazine.

Target Audience Research

When chosing my target audience I need to think carefully about what this particular audience will enjoy and what they expect from a pop music magazine. The audience will influence the price and even the design elements of my magazine.

Groups -

I am targetting my magazine towards the 16-24 age group. firstly because I want my magazine to be attracted to a younger audience, secondly 16-24 year olds are more likely to be interested in pop music than 36-55. My magazine will be targetted for both male and female to allow a wider target audince to buy my magazine.

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