Friday, 3 December 2010

Front Cover Moodboard          
                                         Here I have created a mood board to allow a visual reference of the codes and conventions of a music magazine front cover. I will follow this mood board when designing my front cover. My music magazine will have a large mst head that is positioned left third so that it is identifiable when stacked on shelves in shops.  I will have a main headline that will be visible at the top of the page below the mast head. I will have many cover lines that will create a full of information effect. I will inclue puffs for further advertisment. A barcode and date will be included.

Contents Page Moodboard

This is another mood board I created, again I chose the codes and conventions of a contents page for a visual reference. I will have a large mast head, like this one that is visible and clear. My page numbers will be ordered and large, so they are readable and can be identified immeditetly. I don't want my contents page to become too over crowded, I will create a layout that will allow this not happen. I will in inclue recyclable information for the consumer.

Spider Diagram - Music Magazine

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