Monday, 6 December 2010

Design Ideas

Chosen Image & Editing

I decided to choose this image as the mina image of the contents page becuase i like the position of the model, the eye contact is imense and pulls the audience in.

I decided to change the image to black and white as my contetns page will have a lot of colour therefore this image may stand out more if it is black and white.  I also enhanced the brightness and contrast to create a good effect.

I added a simple template of where the writing would be between. I have followed the same colour scheme to kee a consistant house style.

I then croped the image, and used the magic wand tool to crop around the image. I then positioned this on the contetns page, this is now a main focal point for the contents page. I added the title and main template.

I then experimented with the positioning of the main title,

I then decided to have this as the final position for the title, i think it is interesting and more playful.

I then added the page numbers and subheadings as well as any images.

Contents Page Draft Ideas

Second Design Ideas for Contents Page

Here is a second design for a possible contents page, I have kept a simliar template for the layout but added more section so that there is a clear separation for text. I decided to change the title to the music magazine name so that a consistant style is put throughout.

I then started to focus on adding the page numbers and subheadings. this is now where the contetns page started to look interesting and professional.
I then added more images to allow the contents page to be more interesting and not such text based.

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