Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Analysis of College Contents Page

Here is the contents page for the Primary school magazine.
It consists of the same colour sheme as the front cover given a sense of consistancy. The masthead is large and tells the reader atomatically what they want to know, 'what's inside'. I would say this contetns page is complicated, full of information that may be relevant but too much for a contents page. It has all the features (cover stories) and a coverline for regulars, this created separation between the features and pages that are regular to the magazine, this allows the reader to identify each page. There is one main image of children which gives consistancy of the style of the magazine. There is a welcome message to the teachers, the welcome mesage also askes for there thoughts of the magazine, having questions like this is helpful to the institution allowing room for improvement if any. The use of font is a medium size, that is readable and clear. On the right hand corner at the bottom of the page there is all the editors names of the magzine, it also gives information about recycling the magazine. There are terms and conditions about the magazine abou the rights, errors or omissions also about the opions that are expressed are those of the author.

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