Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Chosen Image, Editing & Development

This is the image I have chosen for my front cover, I chose this photograph mostly because it was one of the better medium close ups out of all the photographs that I had taken. I also preferred the position and body language of the student, she's smiling creating an inviting sense and I liked that there was a little bit of background showing, enough to see what’s happening but not enough to grab the attention away from the main image of the student.

I then took this image to Photoshop and started to create my front cover of my college magazine.
I firstly started off by editing the background, I wanted the student to stand out, and so to do this I blurred the background and changed it to a black and white contrast. I then changed the contrast of the student to create dominant feel, this allows the audience to portray what students at this college is like - (happy and smiling).

I then created my masthead with a simple text font 'copperplate gothic', by having a simple font allows the text to be clear and readable. I also used the Wyke college colours to allow consistency and familiarity. I also decided to enhance the folder the student is carrying, mostly to represent learning but also to allow it to stand out more, I used the same blue as in the title colour.
I then started to develope my magazine by putting in the coverlines, website adress, issue number, barcode and date.
I decided to use a white pallette colour the text of the coverlines as this colour allowed the text to stand out against the background.

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