Thursday, 14 October 2010

My Magazine Ideas

After researching and analysing relevant magazines i have started to plan my ideas for my college magazine front cover and contents page.
I want my magazine to be colourful diverse and edgy and will have all the required magazine concepts.
This magazine is a college magazine for students so it will be free of charge, i will be using the existing Wyke colours - Purple, Green, Blue and White, I decided to keep these colours to allow identification , these colours are also bright and eye-catching which is excatly what I need for a successful magazine.

Colour Connotations Purple - purple is asscociated with wisdom, independence, creativity, nobility and power. this is a great colour to have represented with the college, all these connotations of purple can represent a student that is creative and full of wisdom, it could also represent the college in its independence and power.

Green - Growth, freshness, safety, stability and endurance. Green can represent the growth of the college and the growth of students throughout their educational experiences (grwing up into adulthood)

Blue - Depth, stability, trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, calming and intellect. Blue can represent the intelligence of students and the colleges confidence of great education.

White - Possitive connotation - Light, goodness, innocence, purity, perfection, safety, successful beguinning, simplicity. White can represent the goodness and safety of the college and represent the succession of students.

My front cover will have catchy headings and sloagns to absorb attention from the consumers, i would like to create articles rhetorical questions to also get the consumer thinking. My main image will be of a student(s) to represent the college.

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