Friday, 8 October 2010

Final Product and Evaluation

I was asked to design and create a magazine advertisement for a perfume advert; I chose the brand name Ellen Louise and decided to call to perfume Every Desire. This perfume is also multi gender and I am targeting between 17 – 45 years of age, this is a large age gap but I want any person wearing this person to feel desirable and anyone deserves this no matter who they are. I want my perfume to be sexy, seductive and passionate.  
To start with I drew up some design ideas of layout, text and images; this helped to create a visual idea of what my final design would look like, I researched colour schemes and also looked at other perfume advertisements to get ideas. I chose this perfume advertisement to be put into magazines such as Vogue, Company, Cosmo, Marie Claire, and Elle also for men’s magazines like FHM and GQ.
By having it in these high fashion magazines my advert will need to have areas of high fashion in it.

First of all I thought of a perfume anchor, which is ‘Journey To Your Every Desires’ this then gave me inspirations for the denotation of my advert, I chose to have a long road for the background to symbolise the ‘journey’. The main focal point that I wanted was the perfume bottle itself; I allowed this to happen by keeping to a simple colour scheme. The connotation I used was by having a black and white scheme, black and white is simple and classy the black and white also contrasts with the colour balancing out all the elements of colour. I also chose to keep the sky in colour because this blue represents Heaven, as if you will journey to Heaven also truth and wisdom. Black represents power, mystery depth and elegance. White represents perfection, success, goodness, purity and has a positive connotation, all these elements contribute to my final advertisement these three colours go beyond and show a real sense of meaning.   
I chose to have a car photographed with the models as this can also represent the journey your about to go on with this perfume, it allowed my models to reflect off as well, they could position themselves in particular positions. Both models have eye contact on each other; it is also a long distance image showing their body language towards each other, the eye contact allows us to see passion between themselves and the sexual tension which invokes a sense of desire. We could also relate this to the narrative of the perfume - that they are both about to journey to their desires with each other.
 In any advertisement there may be a narrative; mine consists of - ‘by choosing this perfume and spraying just one drop of it will take you on a journey to your every desire, these desires could be sexual, an adventure, excitement etc’ this is also known as the signified.
My second advertisement poster I designed and created is for the same perfume, I just used a different style that created a complete different narrative. This poster consists of one model; the image is a close up of the models shoulders, face and arms. I used the same colour scheme as my other poster, this created the same connotations that I wanted. I only kept the perfume bottle in colour to allow it to be the main focal point. It worked perfectly against the black and white contrast. In this poster the model is holding the actual perfume bottle; this creates a better sense of realism. Her view point is directly towards the audience allowing the viewer to be directly looked at engaging the viewer’s attention. By having a black and white colour scheme it creates a sense of simplicity, I wanted to follow this simplicity by having simple text on the poster, by only having the brand name and the perfume name. the convention of my poster is this text, it is expected to show text  the brand and perfume name which is the only necessary information that is needed for any perfume advertisement. This poster doesn’t show much sign of narrative but only draws our attention to the model; the viewer may get a sense of desire by just looking at the image. Also by looking at the model she has a slight sexual tension in her eyes, by slightly having her mouth open also creates a sexual feeling therefore allowing the viewer to relate to this. The models makeup and hair is also simple, I didn’t want the perfume to be taken away from the main focal point as it is a perfume advertisement.

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