Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Analysis of Magazine Front Cover

This magazine is a called GQ, I felt that if i anaylised more magazines that were completely different i could compare and contrast between them. Even though this is not a college magazine it still has the same properties as what a college magazine would have, which is relevant. This front cover of this magazine I feel is simple. The simplicity works well with this magazine; it contains the well known GQ masthead. GQ magazine has been around for many years. The main cover line is a vital importance on any magazine. A cover line is like a hook, bringing the audience in with one glance. The main cover line seems to be up in the right hand corner ‘How to dress for warmth weather’ as it is larger than any of the other cover lines. Although my eye contact went straight to the name of the cover model –‘Robert Pattinson Is Here’
the main colour theme that stands out the most is red, the master head Q is red and so is some of the cover line text. The black text against the white background allows the text to be easily readable and clear. The colour of text depends on the background and image on the magazine as I have found in my research. By looking at different issues of GQ magazine I was able to identify that there isn’t one consistent colour theme for this magazine. On this magazine there are a total of eight cover lines. Most being laid out to the left of the magazine, and another pushed to the right in a grey box, this text may be in a box to allow it to stand out better. If there was no box there’s a chance the text would clash with the image and not allowing it to be clear. This magazine also has a slogan – ‘Look smart, Live smart’ this is also important, it is on every GQ magazine located below the mast head. This anchor is also a technique of drawing an audience in. This magazine also contains the GQ website address.  I feel this magazine is effective; the simplicity is perfect it balances every single thing out from the GQ website address to the photographic image. The colours contrast well and does it s job by drawing the audience

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