Monday, 4 October 2010

Induction Task

The Brief
You are a new employee in an Advertising company, your company has just been asked to produce a magazine advert for one or two new products.
Choose either:
A new fragrance (male or female)
A new mobile phone
Your task is to construct this advertisement.
The finished product will need to be:
- An advertisement of at least A4 size, featuring both text and image. this needs to be completed on a P.C.
- You must have a digital photograph (taken and arranged by you) that features the product chosen, in a way that will appeal to it's target audience.
- A brand name
- A sell line or slogan as anchorage
- You must present a draft and your planning, including any unused photos.
Your advert must follow advertising conventions.
When you Ad is complete you must complete a 500 word evaluation explaining your technical and conceptual decisions.

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