Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Codes and Conventions of a College Magazine

Masthead- the masthead of college magazines tend to be very basic, i think this is because college magazines tend to be a tad more formal than a normal magazine. The masthead on a college magazine also goes from the left page edge to the right page edge.
Main Image- the main image on college magazines is usually a basic image with little editing of the image as they want it to look real.
Cover Lines- the coverlines on a college magazine are not all located on the left hand side and they are all in the same font and colours, there is one main cover line which is usually linked with the main image, other than that the rest of the coverlines seem to be equal.
Web Address- most college magazines have a web address so people can contact the magazine.
Date Line- this is the month and year that the edition was published.

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