Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Image Analysis

This is a magazine front cover for primary teachers. i can use this magazine to help me identify the important cpncepts of a school magazine.

L- This front cover is simple, with a white back wash and a large mast head that is centred and stretch's from the left side to the right side edge of the magazine. The masthead is large, and the use of colour works well against the blank canvas background allowing the masthead to stand out. Part of the masthead has been cut of by the image but this does not seem to be a problem as it is still identifiable and readable. On this magazine there are four cover-lines, all consisting of the same colour, again to keep consistancy and identifiation, cover lines are used for anchorage, to intrege the audience with snippets of what the magazine consists of. A website address is also shown at the bottom in the right hand corner, websites are normally created for informative reasons, so this web address will lead you to more information for teachers. There is a date line to show who the thr magazine was made by and when.

I- The instituion of this magazine is the teachersnet.gov.uk who are a department for children, schools and families. their logo is also shown on this magazine, for identification.
I- The ideology of this magazine is to inform primary school teachers, this magazine gives tips and adivce.
A- The target audience of this magazine is Primary school teachers, mkaing an age range between 20 - 50 years of age. having a target audience just for primary school techers makes it harder for this magazine to sell as it is only for  a group of a majority.
R- The representation of this magazine is the primary school girl, who is smartly dressed in a typical primary school uniform. she is identifiable as a student.
she is smiling and looks happym having this school girl represent the magazine allows the target audience of primary school teachers become drawn in, it will allow the audience to think that this magazine will help them let there students happy when teaching.

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